Fabrication Staff From India

In layman terms, fabrication is the building of metal structures – buildings or machines - via several processes like cutting, bending and assembling. However, technically, it involves several more detailed and specialized sub-processes and accordingly, requires skilled labor specializing in the respective sub-processes of fabrication.

Broadly, the fabrication industry can be categorized according to two prime functions – metal formations; and metal finishing operations, including surface preparation. Metal fabrication businesses transform metal into intermediate or finished products like industrial machinery, computers, electronics, furniture (or its components), automotive parts (fenders, body panels etc.), garbage cans, tooling and fixtures, heating equipment (like boilers), plumbing equipment, steel buildings and several more.

Since several other industries are largely dependent on metal fabrications, and the process itself is imperative to the country’s economic growth, inadequately skilled personnel, or inadequately staffed fabrication businesses can lead to disrupting economic growth, and hence mean huge losses. In fact, the industry is so diverse and so significant, its statistics are often indicative (directly or indirectly) of an economy’s growth and progress. For an industry this vital in determining or contributing to a country’s economic development, it is needless to say that it has to be adequately staffed with appropriately skilled workforce, in order to function smoothly and efficiently, and hence be productive toward the nation’s GDP.

In spite of recognition of the significance of this industry, it is facing acute shortage of appropriately skilled manpower globally. Having been the pioneers in recruitments from India, and the leading experts for certain specialty sectors, IMR has recognized the global need for fabrication recruitment specialists and has taken the initiative to create a sub-division that would exclusively cater to the recruitment needs of fabrication specialists.