About Us

International Manpower Recruitment (IMR) has been the pioneer in recruitments from India for over 20 years now, having recruited more than 75,000 professionals worldwide, for several industries and sectors. Our clients’ commendations and immense appreciation of our recruiting services, have earned us unmatched reputation and fame.

Our clients have trusted our expertise through the years, and have depended on us for every recruitment need they’ve ever had, acknowledging our excellence in recruitment, and in-depth study of every industry and sector.

Now, considering the existing or anticipated severe shortage of manpower in certain sectors, IMR has already created sub-divisions to cater exclusively to some specialty sectors, which every nation’s economy in general has been found to be greatly dependent on. One of such is the fabrication industry.

The fabrication industry, including several sub-processes, is heavily depended upon for operations and smooth functioning through most of the other industries or sectors. For any or all of the sub-process to complete efficiently, each of the fabrication process operations need specialists performing them, and such specialists have to be adequately qualified, trained and experienced in their respective function, for best productivity levels, as well as for their own safety.

Our in-house analysts had already predicted a huge demand coming up for several professionals, including fabricators, or specialists in the fabrication sub-processes; and IMR accordingly was already gearing up for this anticipated recruitment requirement. Our analysts’ prediction was affirmed at the 2010 FABTECH show in the USA, where one of the leading topics of discussion was the ‘severe shortage of skilled labor’ for the industry. Scores of American manufacturers reported facing a major gap in talent availability for the industry.

IMR therefore, has been pro-actively prepared to help fabrication businesses worldwide, to fill their vacancies for specialists in each of the fabrication sub-processes, from casting or drawing to forging, shearing and welding. You have to just let us know your manpower requirement, and we shall be ready to supply the same, in no time.