Recruitment Procedure

Operating an industry that so impacts several other sectors, and actually the entire nation’s economic development, we understand how defining your personnel have to be. With each step of fabrication requiring uniquely skilled professionals, there is no scope for any compromise, in the quality, qualification, experience, expertise or commitment of the professionals.

IMR understands and affirms the same, and is committed to fill all your fabrication staff requirements with the highest standards of accordingly skilled manpower. We follow a very specific, detail oriented procedure for fabrication staff recruitment, from start to finish.

In-depth assessment and analysis of the requirement:
Our HR experts outline or figure your exact requirements in this initiating step so we can provide a perfect match to every vacancy. Our analysis includes not just the professional’s role in the fabrication process, but also the entire fabrication process’ role in its heading industry. This helps us match our candidates’ experience in the fabrication industry, as well as probe his/her experience in the heading industry, as an added significant bonus. The details gathered at this step, are then forwarded to our search executive team.

Search/Hunt for professional(s) exacting the needs: On the basis of the detailsput together by the HR experts, our search executive team hunts through our expansive talent database, and simultaneously scans other sources of the required talent, locally and nationally. This team draws up a short-list of candidates matching the required skills, and further screens them through preliminary interviews and their qualifications and work history.

Selection: Our designated experts of the fabrication industry, probe each of the screened candidates to further examine their level of skills, expertise and competence, and thereafter draw out candidates exacting the employer’s requirements. Our fabrication experts, being well-familiar with each sub-process of fabrication, are able to assess each of the candidates’ understanding of the process, and ability to perform their specialty sub-process. The final selection from here is passed on to the employer for their screening.

Presentation to the employer: The employers are encouraged to conduct the candidates’ interview via phone or video conferencing, to clear any doubts they may have. We also advise the employers of the feedback we’ve gathered from the candidates’ previous employers. Once the employer confirms their final selection of candidates, we proceed with the final step of recruitment which begins with our negotiators ensuring the recruitment at competitive pay scales.

Recruitment: Once the initial terms are completed orally (candidates’ selection and pay scale), the final agreement and conditional offer documents are drawn up and completed. Thereafter, our pre-departure associates assist the recruited personnel with the formalities of medical and emigration clearances, along with the travel (ticketing) arrangements. The pre-departure associates also ensure timely departure of the candidate from India, and his/her timely arrival and reporting on-site overseas.